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November 21, 2010 / bethwex

Central Park Throwback

22mm, f/20, 48.7 seconds, ISO 200

I recently dug this photo up to show a friend an example of using a small aperture with bright lights (note the star effect).  I had previously forgotten about this photo and now that I’ve been reunited with it, I thought I’d share it.  A bit of history: about a year ago, I took this photo during a night photography class.  That class was beneficial for three reasons: 1) it made me use a tripod, 2) it made me use manual settings, 3) it allowed me to go into Central Park, and other deserted areas somewhat late at night with a group of people to get shots like this one.  Some of my favorite photos came out of this class- I’ll be sure to share more in the future.


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